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Fossil Free Indexes US — Inside the Numbers: Part II

Research Brief Series In a prior post I noted that comparisons between the performance of the FFIUS and the S&P 500 are inevitable. We conducted tests to provide comparative performance information. As I previously noted, our testing showed that the average daily returns of the two indexes were statistically indistinguishable when looking back over the last ten years. However, to understand relative performance fully, we need to consider...

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Beesley’s Point: Energy Challenges, Failures and Contradictions

View of the boilers and stack (Photo credit: T Francis)   Lynn Connollly’s recent post on the Galapagos Islands prompted me to consider a recent family trip through carbon lenses. No one will confuse the Galapagos with Ventnor City, New Jersey, but a comparison turned out to be really interesting. South Jersey is home to the Pine Barrens, beautiful beaches bordered by boardwalks, and the Beesley's Point Generating Station (aka...

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Fossil Free Indexes US — Inside the Numbers: Part I

Research Brief Series The Fossil Free Indexes US (FFIUS) (and its companion total return index, the FFIUST) was
 created to provide investors of all stripes a way to pursue a low-carbon
 approach to portfolio management. Toward this end, constructing a
 broad-market large-capitalization stock index makes a lot of sense. The
 S&P 500 is an obvious choice as the starting point for creating such an
 index for US stocks. Applying a...

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