Marco Lowe

Board Member, Advisor

Marco Lowe is an advisor at Fossil Free Indexes. He began his career in the trenches of political campaigns and working for elected officials including a Washington State governor and Seattle mayor. While studying for his M.P.A at Harvard’s Kennedy School, Marco became riveted with finance and its impact on the world. Following graduation, he returned to Seattle to work on the financial and design aspects of a full block, sustainable tower. He then served as Chief of Staff for the NYC Department of Small Business Services but soon returned to Seattle to head the city’s Department of Intergovernmental Relations. In this role he discovered through the city’s divestment efforts that there were no large cap index fund options that were also fossil free. Seeking resolution to this issue led him to contact Fossil Free Indexes and support our efforts. He now works for a renewably-fueled district energy company in Seattle Washington.